Activity Insight Overview

Activity Insight organizes and builds reports on teaching, research and service activities. It enables you to keep track of your activity information just once so that many outputs can be prepared, such as annual activity reports, promotion and tenure documents, accreditation reports, your CV, your profile on your campus website and more. It also assists your administration in responding to requests for faculty-related data, rather than needing to continually ask you for the information. This enables your campus to communicate more effectively about your accomplishments.

Activity Insight is designed to be easy to navigate. To help you get started, though, here is a quick overview of the utilities you will work with most often.

The left-hand menu of the system displays at least two main utilities, Manage Your Activities and Run Custom Reports. You may have other tabs if your Digital Measures Administrator has given you security access to them.

  • Manage Your Activities: Add or update information about the activities you accomplish.
  • Run Custom Reports: Run reports that have been custom-built for your campus.
  • Contact Our Helpdesk: Submit suggestions on how to improve the system, questions about use of the system, or report system errors.


When you first visit this screen, it would be good to spend a few minutes looking through the screens accessible from it. To access a screen, click its name. The resulting screen displays records that are stored for that screen. There are six possible actions you can take from the resulting screen, although not all of these actions will always be available:

  • To add a new record, select the button.
  • To import items in bulk, select the button (available only for the Intellectual Contributions screen).
  • To delete a record, select the appropriate check box, and then select the button.
  • To edit a record, select the icon.
  • To view a record, select the icon.
    Note: For records that you can view but not edit or delete, these have been added to the system for you and have been set by your Digital Measures Administrator as uneditable. If such records need revision, contact your Administrator using the Contact Our Helpdesk link.
  • To copy a record, select the icon.

Saving Records

When working in the system, it is important that you preserve modifications by selecting one of the Save buttons at the top or bottom of the screen. If you attempt to navigate away from a screen containing unsaved changes, a warning message will display to determine whether you would like to return to the screen and save your modifications before proceeding.


The screens available from the Manage Your Activities tab and all of the fields on them have been customized for your campus. These can still be changed in any way needed. To propose changes that you would like to see made, contact your Administrator using the Contact Our Helpdesk link.

This utility allows you to run reports that have been custom-built into the system for your campus. To run a report, simply select from the steps on the page.

The reports that are available from step number one have been customized for your campus. If you have suggestions on additional reports that should be added, or changes that should be made to existing reports, please contact your Digital Measures Administrator using the Contact Our Helpdesk link.

Tips and Features

Take a look at the following key features that streamline data entry and reporting!

You may see a blue arrow next to or under text boxes.

Clicking this blue arrow makes the text box next to it larger to give you more space.

Once expanded, it can be minimized by clicking the arrow again.

There are two ways for you to bring citations into Activity Insight from other databases.

First, you can load BibTeX files into Activity Insight. BibTeX Imports enable you to import citations from a wide variety of reference managers or databases — for example, EndNote, Google Scholar, Mendeley, RefWorks, Scopus, Web of Science or Zotero. For more information on BibTeX Imports, please visit this page.

Second, you can import citations directly into Activity Insight from PubMed. You can connect to PubMed from within Activity Insight to search for and import your citations, or those of the user for whom you are managing data. Visit this page for details on this feature.

You will find the PasteBoard to be a time-saving feature. The PasteBoard allows you to copy text from another document, such as your vita in Microsoft Word, and paste it into the PasteBoard. After you have pasted text into the PasteBoard, you can then select text from it, click-and-hold on the text you selected, and drag the text into a field in the system to have it pasted into the field. To access the PasteBoard, click the text PasteBoard in the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

While you are managing your activities, you may want to see how a particular change looks on a report. Rapid Reports provides you with quick and easy access to the reports you can run from Activity Insight.


Google Toolbar and Yahoo Toolbar are two applications that have spell-check. These applications work with all of the websites you use, not just Digital Measures, allowing you to use the words you add to your custom dictionary with all sites you visit.

Most modern browsers also have settings or preferences which enable the browser to check your spelling as you type across all web applications.

We intend for the names of each screen to assist you in determining this. With this said, each campus has the ability to customize Activity Insight to meet its own specific needs, and as a result many have created their own custom materials to provide guidance in response to this question. We encourage you to contact your Digital Measures Administrator to inquire if such a document is available, or with any specific questions you may have.